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Are women under pressure to lose weight after giving birth

Gaining weight during your pregnancy is a healthy sign and a natural thing to happen. Generally, women gain about 25 – 35 pounds during pregnancy and 12 to 13 pound is lost with the childbirth itself.

So you are left with about 20 to 22 pounds to lose after childbirth, to get back to your previous shape. It happens to any women under the sun and most of them crave for getting the pre-pregnancy shape as early as possible.

They are really in a pressure and hurry to lose weight after the childbirth. Here we are providing some realistic ways to lose weight after childbirth.

Go Slow – As a mother, you should realize that it took nine months to get the shape that you are in, so it is necessary that you give at least that much of time to get back to the previous shape.

So start with the weight loss process slowly. You will naturally lose some of the extra pounds that you have gathered during pregnancy.

As the uterus shrinks back to its normal position and excess water that you have retained in your body is shed through urine and sweat, you will lose some of the extra pounds without any effort.

Though it won’t happen just after the delivery, it will take a couple of weeks.

Have nutritious food – You should never start with your dieting once you have given birth. Carrying and giving birth to a baby is a strenuous a draining job for your body. If you do not eat well during pregnancy after childbirth, it can induce long-term effect to your health as well as that of your baby.

Remember that breastfeeding burns about 500 cal each day and it is the best food your baby can have. You should have nutritious food that provides all the vitamins, minerals and required the amount of carbohydrate, fat, and protein to compensate that as well.

Even then if you are desperate to start your dieting, you should never try that before at least six weeks from the childbirth.

Exercise regularly – Soon after the initial recovery, you can start doing simple pelvic floor exercises that will speed up the recovery of the stretched pelvic muscles.

Gradually you can start walking and moving around. Once six weeks have passed, you can start stretching and running that will help you lose the extra fat accumulated in your body.

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