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Astma Attack

Breathe Easy – Advice for Winter Asthma

Don’t let the cold, flu and dry air worsen your breathing or asthma symptoms. By taking some precautions one can stay healthy when the temperatures get down.

Hand Hygiene
Simple and best way to avoid catching cold and flu is to wash your hand regularly and frequently with soap and water. Hand sanitizer is also a quick option. Educate children to follow the same as hand washing reduces the chances the spreading germs and viruses.

Get a flu shot
It is suggested that people suffering from asthma get a flu shot to protect against flu viruses.

Don’t smoke
Regardless of all the warning of the dangers of smoking, there are still people who insist on doing it. Smoking and second hand smoking both triggers asthma, pleas avoid both.

Avoid outdoor exercise
Cold weather can aggravate your asthma, it is better to follow your exercise routine indoors because cold air can irritate the sensitive airways in your lungs. Avoid sports that involve exertion, such as running, basketball, football etc.

Warm up before exercise helps asthma patients recover faster and have greater lung function after exercising.
Drink plenty of water – 8-10 glasses of water is recommended by health experts.

Cold air outside
In winters you rapidly inhale cold and dry air which may trigger an asthma attack. Best remedy is to avoid outdoors, although this isn’t always possible. So, if you do have to go outdoors, wrap a scarf over your mouth and nose so as to warm and humidify the air you inhale.

Take your medications timely
It is important to follow your treatment plan properly. Don’t let your busy schedule cause you to ignore your health. If your asthma symptoms worsen in the winters, consult your doctor.

Keeping your asthma under control may take a little more effort in the cold of winter, but these strategies should get you through the season without worsened symptoms.

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