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It’s Diwali Season: Special Caring Tips for Diabetic Patients

With Diwali round the corner, festivity is in the air. People are satisfying their sweet tooth by indulging in calorie and sugar laden sweets. People suffering from diabetes need to be extra cautious with their sweet intake. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and it is very important to control your diet. So let’s understand how a diabetic can enjoy this festival which is full of mouth watering delicacies.

  • Control your portions, keep a count of what you’re having as it can be all too easy to lose track.
  • Prepare sweets at home, so that you have better control on how much sugar, carbohydrates and calories to be included in the food. Instead of refined olive, switch to olive & avocado oil.
  • Buy food with natural sweeteners like anjeer, dates, jaggery instead of buying traditional sweets like ladoo, barfi, kaju katli that are loaded with sugar.
  • Prepare your food in healthy manner; you can switch the style of cooking like instead of frying your favorite snacks try baking them.
  • Choose your food options smartly, eat dry fruits and nuts instead of the calories laden sweets & fried food & namkeens.
  • Keep sipping water in between as it helps to flush out the toxins accumulated in your body due to wrong eating.
  • Control your alcohol intake, as it is very important to maintain blood sugar levels.
  • Don’t let your fitness regime take a back seat in festivities, just 30 minutes walk will not make much difference to your hectic schedule.
  • Regular exercise and mindful eating is required to enjoy the festival in a healthy way.
  • Calculate your desirable calories and adjust sweets accordingly.

Smart eating and regular exercise is not only important for diabetics but for every individual to enjoy the festival in a healthy way. So eat healthy, drink sensibly and enjoy the festivities!!!!

Wish you all a Happy and Healthy Diwali!!!!

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