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Young Girl Suicide

Every 60 Minute, a Teenager Tries to Commit Suicide in India by Dr. Sachin Kumar Mangla

In lieu of “world suicide prevention day on 10th September, 2017, department of psychiatry & de-addiction at Metro Heart Institute with Multi specialty is organizing a week-long event starting from 2nd Sept, 2017 (Saturday) to create an awareness for prevention of suicide. Aim of this day is to raise awareness among society and in particular to students & teens who are prone to suicide by helping them to address their issues with family & friends. Also, people need to get a sense of who might be struggling with these issues in their social circle.

Dr. Sachin Kumar Mangla, Consultant, psychiatrist & de-addiction department will be conducting a week-long interactive session in different schools on how to identify warning signs of suicide, who all can identify such signs and what can be done about it. He further said that suicide is the leading cause of death in India’s youth (15-24 years) as per latest reports from NCRB. Recent reports from last decade shows that every 60 minutes a teenage tries to commit suicide in India. We all are aware of many recent suicides amongst youth due to blue whale game challenge, study pressure, academic competition, relationship issues, hopelessness, depression. Keeping this serious issue in mind, we want to educate the youth of India that suicide is not the solution of any problem rather having a thought of suicide is a cry for help, attention and love. Suicide is 100% preventable if its warning sign are identified timely.

Students from different schools will address this issue by taking part in the theme based painting competition which is going to be held on 9th, September, 2017 (Saturday) at 11 Am in the hospital premises. There will be an interactive session on topic “is suicide a solution”? By Dr. Sachin Kumar Mangla, Consultant, Psychiatrist. Principals from various schools of Faridabad will also share their views about the subject.

cardiologist of Metro Hospital – said “it is a complex issue and requires coordination and cooperation of healthcare providers, individuals friends & family. Sadly, there have been several tragic reports of young people taking their lives, it is very important to create awareness about suicide prevention, so that precious lives can be saved. Metro hospital, Faridabad wants to take lead regarding this matter & by organizing such workshop, we want our students & youth to understand when they need help & counseling.

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