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Healthy Heart

Five rules to beat heart disease

You can beat heart diseases by following a healthy-heart routine. If one adapts to below mentioned five doable practices, then you can substantially keep your heart healthy; just remember ‘Prevention is always better than cure” & follow these 5 actionable:

Say NO to smoking and tobacco
Smoking and tobacco consumption is one of the most significant risk factors for developing a heart disease. The harmful chemicals in tobacco based products can damage your blood vessels, leading to narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis) which can lead to a heart problems.

When it comes to heart disease deterrence, smoking is not safe. The more you smoke, the greater your become prone to risk to heart ailment. Smoking reduces your good cholesterol (HDL) and raises blood pressure, which can cause increased stress on your arteries. The only way to leave smoking is to just ‘stop smoking’.

Exercise five days in a week.
Exercise and maintaining a healthy weight are two vital & most importantaspects to be looked after to maintain your blood pressure at optimum levels and prevent a heart problem. According to the expert advice from Metro Hospital, Faridabad, ‘getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a daily is a must. Exercise doesn’t have to be intensive, justsimple activities like playing in park with your kids, walking, and runningwill do the benefits & can be count as part of daily exercise regime. The key is to stay active by balancing your caloric intake proportionately with the physical wort out one do during the day. We recommend to take an expert advice as per your daily routine.

Eat a healthy and nutritious food
The food you eat can either decrease or increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. Choose foods low on sodium, trans fats and saturated fats; avoid taking junk and deep fried food. Eat plenty of green vegetables, fresh fruits and fiber rich whole grains, nuts, seeds and fish. Avoid meat, alcohol, soda and sugar sweetened beverages.

No matter what your age is, everyone can benefit from a healthy& nutritious diet and adequate physical activity.

Manage your stress
Stress is not directly associated with cardiovascular diseases, but it may contribute to your disorder in your body & effect your risk level of getting diseases. Mainly, it all depends on your stress coping mechanisms.
Some people handlestress with risky behavior — such as binging on junk food, smoking, drinking and tobacco consumption. All of these increase your risk of heart disease.

The best way to manage your stress is changing your lifestyle and being optimistic about life. Don’t burden yourself and find ways to cope with it. Practicing yoga, doing meditation, aerobicsare few of the activities which can be of great help to keep your stress levels in control& to rejuvenate overall your body.

Regular health check-ups
Your health is your responsibility, if you will not take care of it, nobody else would.
High blood pressure and high cholesterol can harm your heart and blood vessels. Regular screening & check-ups will make you aware about your health condition andwill alarm you of any health risk well in advance, hence enabling you to take appropriate action on time.

Blood pressure (BP) One should have a blood pressure test performed at least once every two years to keep a check on blood pressure levels, starting from the age of 18years.Optimal BP level count is120/80 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg).

In case you are prone to High BP issues then oneshould keep a proper track of your BP reading in consultation with your doctor via regular checks through-out the year.

CholesterolCholesterol levels measured at least once every five years starting at age 18. Earlier testing may be recommended if you have other risk factors, such as a family history of early-onset heart disease.

Diabetes screening If you are overweight or have a family history of diabetes, you may have to consider being screened for diabetes, as it is one of the factors for developing heart problems& other ailments. Consult your doctor for getting proper testing done & how to keep a check on diabetes count.

Just remember & follow two simple golden rules:
“Health is wealth & Prevention is always better than cure”

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