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Myths and Facts about Heart Disease

When it comes to heart diseases, there are various misconceptions about the same, like who can get it and its symptoms. Heart disease is preventable if the patient gets treatment on time.

So what are the myths associated with it? Learn about the risk, and symptoms of heart disease, and how you can lower your risk for heart diseases.

Myth – I’m too young to worry about heart disease.
Your lifestyle affects your risk for cardiovascular diseases later in life. Plaque starts accumulating in the arteries and later lead to blocked arteries. Due to the sedentary lifestyle, nowadays young and middle-aged people are also developing heart problems.

Myth: You’ll only get heart disease if it runs in your family.
80% of the heart diseases result from harmful lifestyle choices, genetics sometimes play a role in developing coronary artery disease. If you are suffering from high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, it is very important for you to take medications to control these risk factors, for developing a heart disease.

Myth: Heart Disease Always Causes Symptoms, so I’d know if I Had It.
Fact: High blood pressure and high cholesterol are the two major risk factors for heart disease. Regular checkups help to keep a check on your health. Based on your results, your doctor can recommend a treatment plan, which may include lifestyle changes and medicines, to help control your blood pressure and cholesterol and lower your risks.

Myth: Symptoms of fatigue and Shortness of Breath in old age are normal
Fact: Your body changes with your age and you should consult your doctor about the changes that you are feeling, especially symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, and fatigue, dizziness etc. because these symptoms can be signs of heart or diseases that are easier to treat if caught in an early stage.

Myth: A healthy person cannot develop Heart Disease
Fact: Being physically fit can help lower your risk of heart disease which means that it is still possible for you to develop a heart problem. A disease like high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure can be passed down in families, so no matter how fit you are, you still have the risk of developing heart disease. Regular heart checkup can help in early diagnoses and treatment.

Myth: With cholesterol medicines, you can eat anything.
Cholesterol comes from the food you eat and your liver also makes some. Statins help to reduce the amount of cholesterol deposited in arteries. If you take a statin and continue to eat foods that are high in cholesterol plus saturated fat, the drug will not be as effective, and your cholesterol level will not fall, and may even rise

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