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Tips to Prevent Back Pain While Working From Home – Dr. Shailendra Pratap Singh

Due to COVID-19 pandemic many firms are forced to deploy the work from home practice for employees. If you’re one of these people, you may be experiencing backaches and neck pain that you did not experience at the office. With this in mind, we are sharing some helpful tips on how to maintain good posture while working from home.

  1. Always choose desk or table with adequate knee/foot clearance in order that you’ll sit/stand close to your laptop.
  2. Your laptop/desktop should be at the level of your head.
  3. While sitting maintenance of posture is very important. Don’t slouch. Keep your hips touching to the back of chair and maintain and erect posture.
  4. Don’t sit for prolonged time on chair. Ideally one should leave chair every half an hour and do some stretching.
  5. Maintain an active lifestyle. Include walking in your daily routine.
  6. Watch for calorie intake – have a healthy meal. Include lots of vegetables and fruits in our diet.
  7. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Consult a doctor, if pain persists.
Long sitting hours and poor posture comes with consequences, such as injury or severe pain in back or neck. It is important to utilize these tips to correct posture and avert pain before it becomes a problematic. If you notice that you have pain while working at home and/or have poor posture, consult our expert team of orthopedics at Metro Hospital Faridabad.

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